‘Amaury Bonduel is a phenomenon of precocity in motor sport.’

Amaury slipped behind the wheel of his first kart at the age of three ! And part of his current world prize list was never matched by another driver at the same age.

Since his first laps in karting at the age of three, he has shown extraordinary talent behind the wheel ! He’s only three years old when he takes for the first time behind the wheel of a kart. The young Amaury will then file tirelessly the international track Mariembourg in Belgium driving a real kart track. At five and a half years, Amaury is seeking a stake in BELGIAN Mini Kart Challenge for children eight to eleven. After a test, facing many precocity, a special exemption is granted. Our virtuoso flying to adjudge fourth in the championship.


From Championship of Belgium to World Karting Championship.

After the successful debut in the Belgian Mini Kart Challenge in 2005, Amaury will take an additional license in 2006 in the Flemish Community (VAS) and win the title of Champion and Champion VAS CFO (French community), completed a title of vice -Champion Belgium.

At nine years old in 2008, again under derogation, it accesses the Cadet category and became CFO for his first Champion with 12 pole positions and 12 wins in 12 races …! The 2008 season is still marked by his debut in single-seater which he performs a test at the wheel of a Formula Ford. Amaury 10 years !!

Since 2010, Amaury accesses the KF5 category and will win the following season his first title of Belgian champion among cadets. The 2012 season sees him break into the World Championship where he finished 3rd in category X30 Junior and 5th in KF3. In 2013, he went on the World Junior Championships including X30 grabs the pole, wins three innings to conclude a final title of Vice World Champion. In his last season in karting in 2014, Amaury ends beautifully with his first title of European Champion in the category X30 Shifter.


Steering victorious Euro Formula 2014 !

2014 incredible !!! Amaury won the prestigious flying “Euroformula” the top of its 15 years Amaury will show once again an uncommon talent deal with experienced pilots and all from the car. Making him the youngest winner in the history of the wheel “Euroformula”.

Of the five finalists, Amaury one hand the fastest time on the track but also the best average in the addition of five rounds of selection. Since, Amaury performed his first single-seater in the hotly contested Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0L then in the prestigious GP3 Series. Despite his youth, he immediately proved that he has sufficient maturity to aim the tops of motorsport. Especially at Monza in 2015 at the Italian Grand Prix or Amaury distinguished by very promising results.

Today, Amaury wants to follow in the footsteps of the greats. It has all the assets to make its mark the GP3 Series “antechamber” of Formula 1, more than ever, he wants to prove he can be the best.


Thank’s a lot,

Amaury Bonduel